SueSue Biely

Sue ignites adult professionals to strengthen their team dynamics, collaboration skills and breakthrough thinking.

Her education includes a Post Graduate Fellowship and an MA in Organizational Leadership grounded in organization development, change management and adult learning. The three pillar theories of her studies were Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Adaptive Leadership. Her course work led to a specialization in supporting the conditions and capacities for groups to become innovative.  Sue’s love for creative groups started in theatre school where she spent two years co-creating for performance and studying creative techniques to support well-being of individuals, groups and communities.

Sue loves working with others to achieve new possibilities. She thrives when flanked by fantastic folks and given the flexibility to innovate. Sue’s directs this energy in two distinct yet complimentary ways: as a Process Designer and Facilitator in service to groups and organizations and as a Cultural Innovator in the Media Sector.