Session Proposal: Seniors for childcare

“As I walk my son past the care home around the corner, the faces of the residents *light up* as soon as they spot him. Many lovely seniors would play peek-a-boo all day if we had the time.

Meanwhile, there is a serious daycare shortage in Vancouver. The closest to our home is anticipated to be full for more than two years and will not even keep a wait list. There is absolutely no availability for his age group for full-time or even part-time daycare in the CoV.”

Could we partner senior care (demand quickly rising) with junior care to more effectively meet demands, increase sense of community, quality of life, early childhood education, etc etc?

What ideas will you bring? Submit a topic of discussion.

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Board of Change collaboration “Board of Changecamp” at SAP on Tuesday (Feb 26)

BoardOfChangeSmallerBoard of Change is a not-for-profit social enterprise inaugurated by business people with the goal of integrating sustainability into business practices and economic thinking. It does this through a number of programs and projects, including advocacy, all with the goal of shifting paradigms in a world that has long embraced the status quo.


We’re teaming up this month to put on a fun and intensive 2 hour event.  Essentially a mini Changecamp geared toward entrepreneurs and business which will pose the question, “How can businesses lead a thriving community in our city?”

SAP Executive Briefing Centre

Hosted at SAP’s beautiful Executive Briefing Centre from 5:30 – 7:30, Board of Changecamp is the perfect place to jam with fellow entrepreneurial minds on whatever thrive means to you.  We’ll draw upon the wisdom within the room to generate sub-topics and break in to groups for generative conversations. This mighty brainstorm will be a great place to introduce friends and colleagues the nature of Changecamp, without a full day commitment.  Tickets are just $5 or FREE for Board of Change Members. Light snacks and refreshments from Potluck Catering will be provided.  We look forward to seeing you there!

ChangeCamp 2013 – interested in joining the organizing team?

Hi everyone,

The first 2013  conveners meeting will be at The Irish Heather (210 Carrall Street  Vancouver, BC V6B 2J2) on Wednesday November 7th at 5:30pm-7:00pm. We will provide the food and drinks that are needed to keep the ideas flowing!

Please RSVP to me if you can make it by emailing stevew@constructive.net


Telling Untold Stories | ChangeCamp 2010

Telling Untold Stories: Low-wage workers as effective new media makers

We’ll explore how the storytelling capacity of low-wage workers as effective media makers can be developed in order for new media to fulfill the promise of bringing previously unheard stories into mainstream conversations. We’ll explore the challenges of creating compelling media that tells the currently untold stories of low-wage workers, from the perspective of workers themselves, in ways that shift how we think about social priorities and solutions to problems faced by low-wage workers. By sharing ways to overcome barriers of technology and access, and also by reflecting on barriers stemming from being disconnected from the language and networks of decision makers and new media leaders, we can begin to think of how to apply new strategies for widening the social impact of new media possibilities. Drawing on lessons learned from successful models, such as Philadelphia’s Media Mobilizing Project and Baltimore’s United Workers Association, we’ll explore some of the lessons of “the telling of untold stories” and “the battle of stories framework” developed by these two organizations. We’ll also consider storytelling in the larger sense, discussing how stories shape perception, create movement, shift power and are often best told visually and across media platforms, combining stories of the heart that move with emotion and stories of the mind that carry ideas and shift thinking. Discussion will relate models elsewhere to examples of how to unharness the power of new media for social and economic good in Vancouver and the rest of B.C, including in the context of organizing child care workers in B.C. Proposed by Tom Kertes (Liberation Learning) (tom@tomkertes.com).

Other resources…

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Process for developing Participation Plays (featured in the video example):

Battle of Stories Framework / Storytelling Activism:


Storytelling and Theatre Resources:

Examples from Elsewhere:

Nonprofits and Government

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Nonprofits have a strained relationship with government. It seems like we’re always yelling at them to open up their data. “Release the fisheries report!” “Publish the grizzly mortality counts!”

Wouldn’t it be great if nonprofits, community activists, policy wonks and government all got into a room and discussed our differences? What if government data defaulted to open, rather than closed?

Sounds kumbayah? Well, it isn’t. In fact, it happened last year. Community activists and nonprofits sat down with representatives from the provincial and municipal government (including Vancouver’s Mayor and BC’s Director of Citizen Engagement). And amazing things came from it, like:

Join me for Vancouver ChangeCamp 2010
When: Saturday, June 12. 8:30 – 5:00pm.
Where: W2 Storyeum, 151 Cordova W., Vancouver BC

Ticket are $20. RSVP at http://vanchangecamp.eventbrite.com/

What is Vancouver ChangeCamp?
Vancouver ChangeCamp is a participatory web-enabled face-to-face event that brings together citizens, technologists, designers, academics, social entrepreneurs, policy wonks, political players, change-makers and government employees to answer these questions:

  • How can we help government become more open and responsive?
  • How do we as citizens organize to get better outcomes ourselves?

ChangeCamp addresses the demand for a renewed relationship among citizens and government. We seek to create connections, knowledge, tools and policies that drive transparency, civic engagement and democratic empowerment.

The conference will be participant-driven, with the agenda created collaboratively at the start of the event, allowing participants to share their experiences and expertise.

When: Saturday, June 12. 8:30 – 5:00pm.
Where: W2 Storyeum, 151 Cordova W., Vancouver BC

Ticket are $20. RSVP at http://vanchangecamp.eventbrite.com/