Share & Win!

Share your ideas for Vancouver Changecamp & win a 1 year membership plus a $50 carsharing credit from Modo Coop.

How it works:

Do any of the following between Monday, Oct 20 – Friday, Oct 25th.

Saturday we’ll enter all the entries into a draw to win a certificate from Modo for a complementary year of membership plus a $50 carsharing credit. Plus attendees of changecamp this year will be entered into another draw for second certificate just for showing up.

Session topics & questions are diverse and created by you! In the past they’ve included Collaborative networks, public transit, cycling, technology for decision making & voting, tankers, water issues, sustainability, data collect, mental health issues, cancer prevention, localizing, alternative economies & currencies, universities & museums as living labs, leadership, youth activism & youth as producers, service design, housing alternatives, media accountability & public policy.