Session Summary: How might we sustain our artists?

Future: Wide interrelated systems that create lots of collective meeting places = better for art creation, belonging & maybe monetization? Could they be in your living room?

Let’s not be afraid of our own art.

What would the world be like without art?

Let’s value ourselves as artists and go forth confidently, knowing that we have emmense value to offer the world. If we Do this the world will reciprocate and honour our contributions equally.

The Creative Process: Buy the space. Stare into space. Fill the space. Take up space .

Positive Deviants: What are the underlying assumptions/stories that we’re¬†holding? What’s the difference¬†for artists who have became successful? What is the difference that makes a difference?

What makes me (or you) come alive? How do I nurture or guard this? How do I foster this on a personal scale? What about on a communal scale?