Why it matters

Why does technology matter?

  • Extends our reach – time and space
  • The audience is there, and people are talking
  • We can tell stories that spread
  • We can aggregate, sort and search input and information like never before
  • We can build community


  • Digital divide is real – skills as well as access
  • Technology helps build buzz – but it’s true deliberative power is limited
  • Online engagement has to be carefully positioned – it has to make sense as a channel
  • Data and records management

Agenda for Wednesday March 11 Meeting

Opening Exercise:

Break into groups and determine the vision/big picture for VanChangeCamp.

– What would a VanChangeCamp poster look like?

– Questions to Address: –

1.a How does government become more responsive and accountable (transparency, budget, consultation, making data available)?

1.b How can citizens organize to get better outcomes themselves,

2.a Exploring: discussing the ideas that lead to change – i.e. politics as philanthropy, sustainability, creating an inclusive beacon/connecting the silos, etc. etc.

2.b Experimenting: building the solutions or tools that lead to change – i.e. community-based websites (Fix My Street), online advocacy campaigns etc. etc.

3.a Who are the Stakeholders

3.b How do we attract them? (Gatekeepers, decision-makers, technologists)
Also, people with influence at the ground level (community workers, social workers, aid workers…)

*We also want to make sure to be representative of different ethnocultural communities and women.

4. Can we confirm and explore how technology/social media plays a role?

5 . How do we create an inclusive beacon that attracts problem-solvers, geeks, activists, government ppl, community workers, __ ?

– Report Back & Discuss –

Event’s structure and shape:

(if time & consensus permits) What will the event look like?

— Questions to Address: –

1. How do we balance participant driven sessions with perhaps more structured sessions?

2. What are some other ways to weave participant driven creation through the theme/big-picture of the actual event?

3. What are thoughts on opening remarks (i.e. – keynote)?

4. How can we learn from Toronto’s ChangeCamp – including ChangeLabs.

5. What are the best dates? (One day, two day?)

Who’s on board to help contribute, explore and identify roles.

Suggestions & Ideas: