If you want to see change in yourself, your community, or your city…
start here.

Attendees at Changecamp are passionate about bringing about positive change. We bring together people from the business community, the non-profit and activist world, government (both elected officials and staff) and those with lived experience in the issues we all care about – everyone we need to make our ideas become reality. Past participants have included: citizens using online tools to build communities, Government at the municipal, provincial or federal level, community activists, and people interested in connecting and collective participation.

Save the Date: Oct 25, 2014. Tickets will become available mid Sept.

People who came to Change Camp said…

So you invited me to Vancouver Change Camp two years ago. I met various awesome people who were doing work about social enterprise, work programs, and had similar interests in economic sustainable community programs. I have been working front line in the non-profit world for 5 years now. The experience shed light on a topic that I’ve always been interested in, started looking into it, and then applied for a Masters at SFU. I got into the Public Policy Masters for 2011 and will graduate in 2 years. I’m really excited! It’s been amazing so far. I’m only 3 months in.

So, I can’t wait to go back to this years Vancouver Change Camp! It’ll be great!! ~Kailey


Hashtag #vanchange

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