Session Summary: How might we sustain our artists?

Future: Wide interrelated systems that create lots of collective meeting places = better for art creation, belonging & maybe monetization? Could they be in your living room?

Let’s not be afraid of our own art.

What would the world be like without art?

Let’s value ourselves as artists and go forth confidently, knowing that we have emmense value to offer the world. If we Do this the world will reciprocate and honour our contributions equally.

The Creative Process: Buy the space. Stare into space. Fill the space. Take up space .

Positive Deviants: What are the underlying assumptions/stories that we’re holding? What’s the difference for artists who have became successful? What is the difference that makes a difference?

What makes me (or you) come alive? How do I nurture or guard this? How do I foster this on a personal scale? What about on a communal scale?



Session Proposal: Seniors for childcare

“As I walk my son past the care home around the corner, the faces of the residents *light up* as soon as they spot him. Many lovely seniors would play peek-a-boo all day if we had the time.

Meanwhile, there is a serious daycare shortage in Vancouver. The closest to our home is anticipated to be full for more than two years and will not even keep a wait list. There is absolutely no availability for his age group for full-time or even part-time daycare in the CoV.”

Could we partner senior care (demand quickly rising) with junior care to more effectively meet demands, increase sense of community, quality of life, early childhood education, etc etc?

What ideas will you bring? Submit a topic of discussion.

image courtesy of melfoody via Flickr licenced through creative commons



Share & Win!

Share your ideas for Vancouver Changecamp & win a 1 year membership plus a $50 carsharing credit from Modo Coop.

How it works:

Do any of the following between Monday, Oct 20 – Friday, Oct 25th.

Saturday we’ll enter all the entries into a draw to win a certificate from Modo for a complementary year of membership plus a $50 carsharing credit. Plus attendees of changecamp this year will be entered into another draw for second certificate just for showing up.

Session topics & questions are diverse and created by you! In the past they’ve included Collaborative networks, public transit, cycling, technology for decision making & voting, tankers, water issues, sustainability, data collect, mental health issues, cancer prevention, localizing, alternative economies & currencies, universities & museums as living labs, leadership, youth activism & youth as producers, service design, housing alternatives, media accountability & public policy.


App Corner at Changecamp 2014

Have you launched an app or website that you think attendees would be interested in? This years camp will feature space for you to share your idea with us. Let us know if your interested below:

Fill out my online form.
Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.


ChangeCamp 2014 is in the works!

We’re looking at dates in mid October for the next ChangeCamp – a few weeks before civic elections in Vancouver.

If you’re interested in getting involved – there are a few ways to jump in now:

  • Join the organizing team > This involves monthly planning meetings & various volunteer tasks including communications and event planning & logistics
  • Take the lead on a pre-changecamp or post-changecamp social networking event
  • Introduce us to financial or in-kind sponsors & media partners
  • Share other events/networks who want to swap content and cross-promote



It’s a wrap

We had another successful event with huge thanks to our organizers, facilitators, volunteers, sponsors and participants! Looking forward to hearing your feedback and future outcomes! Please share your thoughts/ notes from yesterday at

Session Proposal: Engaging millenials

Arpy Dragffy from will be pitching a discussion that asks, What engages millenials to act for good most: fun, seeing change, being part of something, doing the right thing?

We’re all faced with questions about what the motivators are to get millenials to act for good and change. With countless organizations literally competing for attention and intention from this group, most are ignored or barely considered. Others are dominating the charitable world but why? Is it because they deliver the right program matching with the right person? Or is it due to the sheer size and awareness of those campaigns which often have large budgets?


What ideas will you bring? Submit a topic of discussion.

Session Proposal: Project and Change Management for Social Activists

David Lee will be pitching a discussion that asks, what can we learn from the world of project and change management and apply to driving social change?

Project management concepts can give us guidance on how to have conversations about bringing our ideas for change into reality. Change management can help us with understanding who the key stakeholders are and how to engage them, whether they are inside or outside “the tent”.

I’d like to propose a session which walks people through specific ideas for change they are currently working on, and take concepts and tools that have been used to manage projects and change in more structured settings, and apply them to more expansive and dynamic environments. This session would be 20% tutorial on approaches and tools I’ve used in both corporate and non-profit settings and 80% applying these tools to further your own “work”.

What ideas will you bring? Submit a topic of discussion.