Ideas to Action: Team Hastings Trade

Intros – students, lawyer, investments advisor, dad, unemployed person



Reducing frustration for youth

Need for skilled workers

Tap into marginalized

Change the system – new pathways to employment

Storytelling – inspirational

Create movement, possibility to replicate & apply to other markets

Tier 1 labor ready -Identifying guys and barriers advocacy

Benefit to society – industriousness, working w/ your hands

Guilds/ models – mediaval model



Vetting employees and employers – educating inquiry

Advocacy/ education

(camps outside Van?) (resource sec?) (possible issues w/ this – Ft. Mac)

New model – pitch to small contractors, worker/employer owned co-op?



Social enterprise needs consistency – good brand

Vetting Proc. Scalable?

New job readiness

Support – certification, not just extra cash

Employment orgs often don’t get private sector



Reduce cost

Access volunteers


Work BC

Mission possible

Just work

West coast prison justice society


E Fry Society

Board of Trade



COV (social planning)

Dress for Success


Van Found


Van Found


Work Gear


Resources – support

Advisory board


Team in place – W Van

Skilled trades


Next Steps

Who buys – contractors


Who is team – tier 1 apprentices

Who are partners -

“Start small”

A sustained contract – a connection

Leadership – organizational structure


Refining concept

Exploratory conversations

Needs contract

Needs contact or intro to put team up to work

Keep in touch with orgs


Social Enterprise

Works using skills – revenue

Non-profit side focuses on advocacy

Gaps – labour matching

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