Ideas to Action: Change Everything Day

Chicken soup for changing the soul

More details

Party to celebrate change

Opposite day – change your routines


Key Q

How do we move forward


Sub Q’s

What structure(s) do we want to create?

What operating principles?


How do we want to

  • come together?
  • Share responsibility?
  • Model adaptive leadership?


Grassroots – not needing a lot of money

Structure – similar to Vancouver ChangeCamp

Volunteers commit to time period (ie. 6 months)

Collecting stories, change can happen anytime (ongoing space)

Annual event


Key goal

To create content


Story of a change you have made in your life?



What is that important to you?

What is meaningful about that for you?




Empower people to embrace CHANGE in their lives to expand their comfort zones

We want tot create a network for change (blog, print) so that ideas stories, enthusiasm & contributions may emerge.

What’s the BEST thing that can happen?


Change Everything Day  – Facebook Group

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