What is ChangeCamp like?

Here’s what past attendees say:

“I participated in the Change Camp event at The Hive, in Vancouver a couple of years ago…which brought to Vancouver an exciting new way to think as a group and develop policy and citizen participation ideas that would be hard to draw forth in most other situations. I was impressed with how a room full of curious, yet skeptical people, who had responded to the invitation, were able to gell so quickly, become intimate with their vision and ideas, collaborative in how they merged, aligned, and presented them, and then with the palpable buzz that followed. It was felt not only that day, but for some time afterwards. I heard people talk about it even months later, as a seminal event for them, that prodded them to new thinking and more collaborative and constructive forward motion with their own ideas, as well as engagement and support for others.” - Joel Solomon, Renewal2 & Tides @joelsolomon

“It was an amazing experience to be sharing space and ideas with this amazing group of people. We had organizers from Occupy Vancouver along side members of City Council, consultants and economists, non-profit organizers and other diverse representatives all coming together under the banner of change…” Read More from Elias Arjan

Vancouver ChangeCamp was full of lively discussions recorded visually  and here are some highlights from our hashtag feed to give you a sense of how the day felt:

#vanchange recharged my batteries!
Instead of outreach. Why not try ‘inreach’ : Go out to where people are already meeting. #vanchange
‘build bridges not buildings’ #vanchange” I love this one!
Inspirational discussions with insightful/smart ppl.#vanchange
#vanchange dynamic stimulation for a rainy day. Thank you organizers and attendees. Very valuable.
Let us form a changemaker community nexus in Vancouver by 2015 #vanchange
#vanchange Isolation is killing is – if we want to do good in the world we need to come together!
#vanchange “Take responsibility for what you care about — use your own two feet to move to whatever place you can best contribute
#vanchange You know someone works in a non-profit when they have 3+ job titles & says “slash” in between them.
Top #Vancouver Events | Nov 24-27 | TEDxSFU, #VanChange & Make it!

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