Occupy 2.0

One discussion in the morning of Vancouver ChangeCamp 2011 included three topics – Church Project / From Vancouver to Global / Creative Community Nexus/ Open Source Growth and was called Occupy 2.0.


  • Isolation is killing is – if we want to do good in the world we need to come together!
  • Making a real space hub for innovation (like an underground art space of Scott’s  in east van)
  • Can we get a virtual space going for the discussion – with skills and tools? (like Vancouver tool library – a coop for sharing tools) – or maybe http://www.changemakers.com/ (ashoka)
  • Let’s get together and share – participatory aspects, bring mini version of what we do on the street, bring people in the neighborhood together for a mini changecamp
  • We need to ask the right people – reflective of diversity and all the stakeholders
  • How do we engage people of all ages and ways of life – sometimes things like changecamps feel more alternative – how can they be more mainstream?
  • Catalyzing communities over issues – join like-minded organizations, We spend time talking about problems and 20% of the time talking about solutions
  • How are power & resources are allocated?
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