Open Data – Session Two | ChangeCamp 2010

What data is in most demand?

· Vancouver received little direct input
· Put up geographic/spatial data as a starting point (~50 datasets)
· Precipitated some demand for other spatial dataset; some that weren’t held or available
· Otherwise very little demand and only a few applications built against the data
· Real value might need to be at least partially measured by references and support to reporting

Would be incredibly valuable to for the province/city to release dataset of all datasets.

Is there a linkage between freedom of information requests and Open Data?

· City of Vancouver hasn’t specifically looked at this but is aware of the discussion, but most of the data is non-structured

· Yes, but releasing data may create greater trust which might decrease FoI requests

After crime, executive council and budget data appear to be the most requested datasets based on the experience of other open jurisdictions

Dynamic, real-time data would be of especial interest because of its intrinsic value and clear linkage to potential applications

A further consideration is that not all data can be released without some transformative routines, which require resources

The city and province might be able to answer their own question regarding high value or demand datasets by considering themselves users

Would be useful for local governments to post their developed application on the MISA forum in order to avoid duplicative effort

Privacy may be a barrier to sharing data, but this should not be just assumed but must be tested. And there’s a tremendous amount of information that could be released without any privacy implications

Maybe recreation and community centre data (and especially dynamic data) would be most useful

Perhaps 311 call records might point to other possibilities

RSS feeds assist with pushing out data changes but may not be enough; more proactive or geographically focused solutions might be of greater value

Important to recognize that we’re near the top of the Gartner hype cycle and it’s therefore incumbent on the city and province to build community and use the data themselves to continue innovation and build value

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