Good Online Engagement | ChangeCamp 2010

convened by @zannalyons

What is good online engagement?

  • diversity of opinion and people
  • star power, hook to get involved
  • ladders of engagement for people to be involved at different time / commitment levels
  • process is designed with end-product in mind
  • people feel heard
  • good facilitation
  • ground rules are clear
  • value-add for participants, not just conveners
  • well organized, tagged entries to support easy navigation, avoid duplications and facilitate building on each other’s ideas
  • set up for ongoing reporting and easy analysis at back end
  • collaborative
  • time to explore ideas before making decisions
  • expectations are clear for how and why to participate, and reporting back / responses by conveners
  • clear focus / direction for the dialogue.
  • Designed technically and in structure for receiving / using input
  • low technical barriers to entry
  • collaborative tone
  • ensure the structure is iterative and responsive to the dialogue, and allows branching
  • What happens with your contribution / expectations. Hear back, see report, see others’ response. On demand / indexed summaries
  • people using forum should set boundaries for it
  • online not ubiquitous
  • carefully set up expectations
  • digital divide – people distrust govt
  • not a homogenous discussion

How to improve online engagement?

  • have tool to quantify degree of support (gradients) or dislike, to measure feedback and feed into offline actions
  • limit anonymity to certain levels of engagement (scale up based on willingness to ID)
  • need to protect privacy if want to identify contributor in some way
  • need language that reflects people submitting ideas are not usually those who are making decisions (dialogue, deliberation, conversations?)
  • use principles of adult learning
  • geolocate attendees to ensure their voice should be counted as reflective of community priorities
  • have strategy to drive people to the dialogue
  • have meaningful content
  • be clear: what is your goal? Is it really dialogue?
  • custom settings for privacy?
  • Use software to collate input
  • can’t remove need for facilitator
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