Fresh Media | ChangeCamp 2010

Participants: amanda, nicole, lenny, julian, kam, mauree diamond, nikki, josephine ,christina ,hanna,kat, tanya

“We’re interested in doing events using fresh media concepts. What would you want to see in the reshaping of media based on the collapse of traditional media?”

Re-imagining Media – some journalists now using different types of social media to get more holistic stories more diverse, series of voices as opposed to black and white, 2sided issue ssocial media being used to inform independant media

  • what kind of media do we want to make?
  • involves story-telling, possibly with journalistic approach
  • we’re used to hyperlinked actions and thoughts, citizen gen, fresh is young, fluid & open

crazy event idea

  • powerpoint karaoke (with twitter feed projected in behind)
  • hilarity ensues
  • stories, sharing, no desired outcome planned, just idea of bringing ppl together so the unexpected can happen
  • building a critical mass of people
  • bringing ppl together around interesting themes
  • “I tweet specifically around new media & politics” twitter should be more specific/ organized/ more ediquette
  • creating app for election cycles
  • provides rich interactive content, going door to door
  • emphasis on feedback and ability to see impact of your actions
  • the person who knows that they aren’t helpless, they do make an impact, that does have the power – issue cloud
  • “I think the best example Fresh has is what happened during the Olympics”
  • the media looking for the negative and all the bad news – turned into the good story
  • the user generated media
  • true north – actually changed practice – bloggers for the first time we included as “media”
  • new media forces traditional media to look at multiple sides of a story
  • crisis brings out a variety of voices

wiki leaks – bringing huge stories

  • why isn’t mainstream media taking these on – legality
  • new media is shedding new light / however raises concerns of reliability

fact check for redistribution?

  • this is what’s happening now… after trends are identified in blogoshphere, etc then is checked for validity or discussed as a popular topic
  • crowd sourcing fact checks is more reliable than one person or group responsible under a tight timeline/ structure/ etc?
  • questioning both accuracy of new and trad media

movement in mainstream media

  • individuals taking on more of an identity – ie. gillian shaw as opposed to just vancouver sun reporter
  • not just all about objectivity
  • how important the technological changes are
  • the internet is the most profound change that has taken place
  • plus the digitization of media
  • moving from broadcast model to very democratized
  • how many “media” there are
  • we’re really dealing with the nature of our democracy
  • everything becomes digital, cheaper
  • just look at the camera phone
  • having media for all different ways of thinking
  • there’s no unity/ support to filter*
  • daily paper/zines
  • undermine big media with cost and have been somewhat successful
  • the amount of noise vs. the amount of useful info
  • attention span and expectancy sped up to unseen levels
  • how can people move together, unified force for extended periods, constant pressure as opposed to forced pressure over short periods
  • there is so little support/ funding for in depth journalism, getting the bottom of a story
  • we’re not necessarily benefiting from everyone being able to say whatever they want
  • trad media being downsized so much they don’t have the budget to do all the work
  • how can new media fill the urgent needs to give more time, space for quality stories
  • everyone trying to do all facets of media
  • re-stating same reports across various mediums

media co-ops: how can we do that?

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