Energy Efficiency & Sustainability (Emotional & Effort)

At Vancouver ChangeCamp 2010 Ben facilitated at great conversation about Emotional sustainability. Here are some highlights:

  • accepting people and not being threatened by differences
  • Is this about joy and happiness? Most people put on the happy face but are not genuinely happy, especially through a work day, so it is not a surprise problems arise.”
  • “happiness” defined – are we supposed to be “happy” all the time? / the happiness myth
  • “tribal models – support, love, intimate”
  • “a lot of non-profits, organizations, are forced to create unfair expectations, overloaded at work, not able to create connections there, forced to generate relationships after work during personal time, which compromises personal relationships.”

We come together because we have a common thread – but we don’t knit ourselves together.

  • “eco/ humanitarian/ non-profit/ orgs – battling own inner demon, tendency to take on huge feelings of responsibility, working on such important work on such a huge problem and feeling the need to be the one who fixes it all”
  • “building friend group relationships, co-workers vs. family friends / co-workers + family friends
  • “choice recognition, respect, connection to something bigger, challenge.”
  • “knowing that you have the choice of participating, makes much more enjoyable than feeling obligated. obligation might turn you off of something you have a genuine interest in.”
  • “knowing where the task will lead – doing drudge work can still be satisfying if you see a benefit it goes down the road.
  • “spaghetti experiment” unpaid > paid / kids > adults

A sense of common purpose – burnout is from lack of results or things to show for your work, not # of hrs

  • “psychology of gaming – creating sense of being challenged, common purpose, completing levels & constant feedback keeps your going
  • “3M’s culture of failure – the post it note – happy accidents”
  • “meetup groups that charge small fee have much better turnout than free meetups” – giving value (free couch vs. do not take)


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