What kind of community do we want to create, sustain, be part of? And how do we go about intentionally making this so?

Community is more than a collection of people who live and work in the same place. It’s about how we relate to each other. Our relationships can be deep, centered on trust and grounded in shared respect and love for another. Or they can be shallow, centered on either mere proximity, constructed community identity, or transaction and trade. We can relate to another another in terms of utility to each other, or as human beings. We can hide or withhold our true selves in how we relate, or we can be vulnerable and open.

Being intentional about community requires that we know what we want and expect from community. It also requires that we work with others to create community. This can happen on many levels – including the personal, family, neighborhood, government, cultural, political, and economic levels. Community is experienced both informal and formal ways, through personal practice, custom, law and tradition.

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