Citizen Engagement on Gov. Websites | ChangeCamp 2010

Q: Why engage online?
A: That’s where people are; some ppl are stay-at-home mon’s and/or shy to give opinion in public speaking venues etc and online gives them a way to communicate when time allows and gives them a voice

Q: What are some positive aspects?
A: Opens up opportunity, diversity of voices, C: need to define engagement

Q: Is Twitter just another channel? Can we call it engagement? Also ask yourselves what the citizens will get out of it.
A: It’s about serving citizens better, not just about gov’t getting their word out A: To serve citizens.

Q: Is it engagement when you only ask for comments/input online –> it’s not dialogue Is it true engagement?
IAP2 Ladder of Participation: Empower; Involve; Consult; Inform
C: Do it online because that’s where people are. You can organize groups around a topic.

C: There is danger – not being F2F people feel it’s okay to say/do things that are inappropriate. It needs follow up considered.

C: Online provides opp. for people (esp. shut ins) to have a voice

C: leads to greater, better ideas/input

From Knowledge As Power and Sarah Schacht: Basic Advocacy Headlines – A simple, effective tool for organizing communications from citizens to legislators, electeds, staff, etc. A free, open standard any government can implement with a simple text form on their website. Link:

ex. HB1234-PRO-98115-5542

Victoria BC We improved response back procedure/policy.

Did consut’n process with public. Many people wanted inpvts made to response back

People want a response!

Govt should respond in some way. If you want people to participate who don’t normally participate they need to know – listening – their input is being considered.

UBC Tips Be clear, honest, get back to people. post the input. It’s important to have moderator. can catalogue people’s comments. Don’t bury the input on your web page. Bring it forward. Don’t forget to involve people through video, music. Not everyone is inspired through words.

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