Apps 4 Climate Change

At 2010 Vancouver ChangeCamp, the Apps for Climate Action Contest challenge organizers discussed how Canadian software developers are raising awareness of climate change and inspiring action to reduce carbon pollution using data in new applications for the web and mobile devices.

Apps for Climate Action is a great opportunity to:

  • meet Vancouver developers and collaborate on projects
  • get advice from SAP engineers on data visualization and web services access
  • see new Sustainability solutions from SAP
  • CODE!

We want to provide a space for developers to meet, get questions answered, find collaborators for projects and build some great apps

Session notes

  • location based data, climate impacts – ie water, showing people where there water is coming from, levels
  • if we’re measuring our energy consumption based on energy used here / carbon footprint is different if you use entire lifecycle
  • we’re not using the energy here, but we’re still responsible
  • not valid measure, consumables
  • ie. tobacco, breweries, dairies
  • simple data explorer to be able to visualize
  • upcoming: trash collection/ carbon offset purchasing
  • demonstrating value
  • ghg componant into pedometer
  • showing how things build up
  • take away overwhelming problem that paralyzes
  • comparison / competition as motivator
  • positive carbon footprint calculator (needs new term) to be positive “eco contribution”
  • having emotional connection was the key to meaning
  • MLS economic calculator – will cost you “x” in gas if you life here and “x(x)” after the carbon tax goes up

Are we willing to reflect complexity of issue in applications, uncover external impacts, true global, cultural impacts, reintroduce these?

Annie Leonard

  • the story of stuff
  • the story of cap and trade
  • the story of bottled water
  • funny, visual, an 8 year old can follow this story
  • was to reach out and involved those with lesser interest via existing gov. channels
  • other motivators – monetary, educational, etc etc

Apps for collective choices

  • policies
  • community organization
  • big business
  • spud – local incentive by contest
  • supporting policy changes
  • policy explorer


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