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ChangeCamp 2014 is in the works!

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We’re looking at dates in mid October for the next ChangeCamp – a few weeks before civic elections in Vancouver.

If you’re interested in getting involved – there are a few ways to jump in now:

  •  join the organizing team > > This involves monthly planning meetings & various volunteer tasks including communications and event planning & logistics
  • take the lead on a pre-changecamp or post-changecamp social networking event
  • introduce us to financial or in-kind sponsors & media partners
  • share other events/networks who want to swap content and cross-promote



VIDEO: Ideas to Action

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Ideas to Action notes recorded by Terry Sidhu on 2013-05-31.

Session 1

Q: In your opinion, how is the economy changing?

“I work from home now and am able to make a global impact”

“There is a shift of consumption from resources to information”

“I am now seeing a different bunch of job opportunities”

Q: What is the biggest complex sustainability challenge you would like to see leverage lab take on?

  • transportation problems
  • Environmental Health

○      “Public Art being good for health”

○      “NYU project turning old chimneys into carbon capture systems, and using the carbon for pencils”

  • Carbon Reduction

○      working with businesses and groups to make them carbon neutral

○      tracking solid waste that affect a company’s carbon footprint

○      SOLUTION: “Build a performance matrix. Track carbon output for certain activities and compare to other similar companies.”

Q: How to get businesses/persons to complete a full survey?

  • 50 questions to burdensome for completion
  • Consider doing a meetup with selected businesses and polling through multiple other ways. (by phone, interview, panelling, focus groups, etc.)
  • Introduce innovator businesses to others and share their ideas
  • Incentivize completion with food
  • Narrow down and combine questions
  • “Model questions so that you can build commitment in the beginning, then drive your key questions home.”
  • Free coffee at the end of discussions


Session 2

Q: What are your biggest business challenges? (sustainability challenges in BORROW-USE-RETURN model)

“How do we deal with the competitiveness of businesses? How do you get competing businesses to work together and share sustainability initiatives?”

  • Make leverage lab a safe space, and get approval for confidentiality within the group

Q: How to create effective pods/cohorts?

  • Circular Economy Concept. Where one business’ waste becomes another’s input?
  • Can we create the cohorts where one business unit will fit into the next?
  • If one of your problems is establishing cohorts, then maybe it would best to make them self organizing.

○      Create a roster of similar companies, and what their common business problems are

  • Create a common challenge among a group of companies and allow them to self-organize this way.

○      IE: companies wanting to reduce waste

  • “Get people together on common challenges, then survey and break them down into cohorts”

Q: How can I scale up? How can I run a successful event?

  • “In my volunteer experience, you need to structure your evening…”
  • “You can’t just ask people to go into a room and to socialize…it makes them more protective and uncomfortable”
  • “Partner with AISEC or a Rotary organization that are already established internationally”
  • Differentiate yourself from PetchaKucha nights and TED talks

Chicken soup for changing the soul

More details

Party to celebrate change

Opposite day – change your routines


Key Q

How do we move forward


Sub Q’s

What structure(s) do we want to create?

What operating principles?


How do we want to

  • come together?
  • Share responsibility?
  • Model adaptive leadership?


Grassroots – not needing a lot of money

Structure – similar to Vancouver ChangeCamp

Volunteers commit to time period (ie. 6 months)

Collecting stories, change can happen anytime (ongoing space)

Annual event


Key goal

To create content


Story of a change you have made in your life?



What is that important to you?

What is meaningful about that for you?




Empower people to embrace CHANGE in their lives to expand their comfort zones

We want tot create a network for change (blog, print) so that ideas stories, enthusiasm & contributions may emerge.

What’s the BEST thing that can happen?


Change Everything Day  - Facebook Group

Intros – students, lawyer, investments advisor, dad, unemployed person



Reducing frustration for youth

Need for skilled workers

Tap into marginalized

Change the system – new pathways to employment

Storytelling – inspirational

Create movement, possibility to replicate & apply to other markets

Tier 1 labor ready -Identifying guys and barriers advocacy

Benefit to society – industriousness, working w/ your hands

Guilds/ models – mediaval model



Vetting employees and employers – educating inquiry

Advocacy/ education

(camps outside Van?) (resource sec?) (possible issues w/ this – Ft. Mac)

New model – pitch to small contractors, worker/employer owned co-op?



Social enterprise needs consistency – good brand

Vetting Proc. Scalable?

New job readiness

Support – certification, not just extra cash

Employment orgs often don’t get private sector



Reduce cost

Access volunteers


Work BC

Mission possible

Just work

West coast prison justice society


E Fry Society

Board of Trade



COV (social planning)

Dress for Success


Van Found


Van Found


Work Gear


Resources – support

Advisory board


Team in place – W Van

Skilled trades


Next Steps

Who buys – contractors


Who is team – tier 1 apprentices

Who are partners -

“Start small”

A sustained contract – a connection

Leadership – organizational structure


Refining concept

Exploratory conversations

Needs contract

Needs contact or intro to put team up to work

Keep in touch with orgs


Social Enterprise

Works using skills – revenue

Non-profit side focuses on advocacy

Gaps – labour matching

RSVP now.

Join three of the projects from Vancouver Changecamp 2013 as they explore how they turn their ideas into action.

Date: Thursday, May 30. 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Location:  HiVE Vancouver


5:30-6:00 Registration and mingling
6:00-6:15 Welcome and intros
6:15-6:30 5 minute pitches from each group – who you are, where you are, what you need, how people can help
6:30-7:30 Breakout into three facilitated groups to work in detail on projects


Project: Leverage Labs

Project driver: Sara Blenkhorn
Project description: Ever imagined what could be possible when you put a group of progressive values based businesses in one room and facilitated a conversation about what is possible together?  These progressive values based businesses are doing as much as they can to advance sustainable business practices, however, they are limited by what they can do alone. Together, they have the potential to do so much more. The value of the Leverage Lab is to host a facilitated dialogue that provides support to its participants in discussing challenges and finding opportunities to collaborate for leverage and velocity towards sustainability.
Looking for help with: I have been given an opportunity to work with The Natural Step to get some funding for this project and I’d really like to nail it.

Project: Team Hastings Trade Association

Project driver: Darryl Simmons
Project description: Team Hastings Trade Association’s Vision is to provide skilled trades career and business opportunities to those that face labour market challenges. Team Hastings goal is to create Red Sealed ticketed journey persons and indentured apprentices.
Looking for help with:
  • What is the best way to create a team of like minded members, social enterprises and non profits?
  • How to build trust and cooperation within the community?
  • Getting to the next level of detail and refining our concept into something concrete.
  • What is the growth/financial potential for the social enterprise sector within the skilled trades sector?

Project: Change Everything Day

Project drivers: Krisandra Reid & Mike Kang
Project description: Change Everything Day is an opportunity to bring communities together with the idea of embracing change as a good thing in life.  We want people to expand their comfort zones, either by taking a big step or even just changing one small thing in their lives.  Perhaps not wearing a tie to work is enough change for one person.  Perhaps for someone else, this is an opportunity to make move towards a healthier lifestyle or environment.  Maybe change is introducing yourself to your neighbour.  Change is relative, and change is good.  Embrace change; expand your comfort zones.
Looking for help with: Getting to the next level, project implementation plan, funding, volunteers, progress reporting – are all things we would like to work on and gain feedback for.  In addition, we would like to gain some input from the group on what date we should finalize for our official event.  We have a few dates that are currently being tossed around, each with their own pros and cons, but we highly value the collective input of a larger group in making this decision.

Reports from the field

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Did you blog about Vancouver Changecamp? Please let us know and we’ll share it here. Email your session notes and links to vanchangecamp@gmail.com

Notes shared by Andrea Sanchez.

Session I: Place Speak and Helping Politicians Communicate (Rnold and Allison)

-        Place Speak is an online Platform to create goals for the government

-        How do we engage citizens? Not everyone can go to a public consultation. Lots of people want to have a say in decision making

-        Challenges of online consultation:

¨     Anonymity builds contempt. Place Speak verifies you by location so that you can tap on members and verify what area they are from

¨     You have to create a user base

¨     Social media is not the best because your target population may not be valid for what you are researching. Do you know who they are?

¨     Need to keep reaching out to get the word out

-        Place Speak:

¨     Identifying what’s important to you and find out what people in your area really care about

¨     Vancouver School Board started using it

¨     $200/year for non-politicians

¨     Participants can see the results (in accordance to the standard in public consultations)

¨     Andrea suggested the incorporation of enabling the general public to have access to certain types of data pertaining to their area, even if they didn’t participate.


-        Politicians (progressive ones in particular) need help. They are very accessible

-        Change is about communicating with politicians. More so than just voting

-        Things happen after politicians get elected, that can be unexpected

-        A legislation can be influenced in a lot of different ways before it gets approved

-        Some politicians think that if an issue is not on the media (or a letter addressed to them), then it’s not really an issue. So they need to be more open.

-        How do you get a more diverse group that’s not just the typical group that always gets engaged

-        Being told you are important, while being told you are stupid at the same time, may drive some politicians to simply stop listening

-        Do we need an ombudsman? Someone who’s solely dedicated to listening..

-        Where can we find information about our political structure and how to get engaged politically?

¨     Booklet for Citizenship is a very good resource

¨     West Coast LEAF(for women’s issues): 2 day workshop in “Transforming your future”

-        Get politicians to make public promises to hold them accountable

-        Write to your MP. They like having constituents and community feedback

-        Politicians also need to be told what they did good too. Successes are important for their development. Otherwise insensitivity can build up and it makes them numb. Don’t let the scabs form.


-        Final question: How do I engage politically, and what would inspire me to get engaged?

It’s a wrap

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We had another successful event with huge thanks to our organizers, facilitators, volunteers, sponsors and participants! Looking forward to hearing your feedback and future outcomes! Please share your thoughts/ notes from yesterday at www.instal.ca